Divinity Life Coach Personal Trainer

Anointed Christian Leader, prophet, priest, teacher, Divinity Life Coach Personal Trainer

Bonnie Breniser, Prophet of God

Hello, my name is Bonnie Breniser. I am God-chosen, called and anointed WITH actual life experience to do what I do…I walk my talk. God made me what I am (as the potter shapes the clay for a given purpose and intention) as for my Life Work in servicing the needs of humanity as God seen a need for it in today’s times.

I offer one-on-one personal “prophetic” Divinity Life Coaching. As a “prophet-priest” Divinity Life Coach this is how it works…God-Jesus is with me in assisting you! God will be giving me revelation in towards helping you per His Will for your life situation that will fit with your being; my God-spirit will be working with your God-spirit.

God revealed to me that Christians are not growing/evolving spiritually as He intended. Many Christians are still in the gray-zone of duality/partiality. I can help you with this.

Perhaps you are not getting the personalized attention you need from your church or the church’s teachings are coming from “below the veil” that is hindering your spiritual growth evolution. Perhaps you desire to reach greater heights with God that your church is not capable of giving you. Whatever the reason, I’ll be glad to work with you one-on-one.

Do you have a humanitarian organization, business, or ministry that you’d like to have checked for any ungodliness playing out in your operation to ensure that you are serving God-humanity in wholeness (without duality or partiality)? Would like to get THE MOST out of what you are already doing FOR GOD in a way that meets Heaven’s Standards?

God is a God of compensation. Your Giving will be according to the type of help you desire, based upon your situation. We’ll come up with “agreeable” terms that is right for you (and me). Perhaps you have a skill or talent or service that could be an asset to me as for your “giving” for my services. As one Christian to another, we are to “supplement” each other, that is how the biblical Disciples of Christ operated, each made a contribution! We are to help each other per relationship. Please read my post on Destiny Helpers to help you better understand God’s Way of doing it; biblically documented.


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