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"My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge." -Hosea 4:6

The below teachings are for ANYBODY who is seeking God and God on a higher level (God as a whole), and seeking higher understanding of bible scripture with learning who Jesus Christ is, and to "correct" and "clear-up" untrue/partially-true teachings passed around in the world.

Teachings are by Prophet Bonnie; she is not a trained speaker but does have superior knowledge and insight (2 Corinthians 11:6). Prophet Bonnie teaches by revelation, prophetic insight, and per actual example of her God-transformed life experience...She walks her talk. Her style for teaching/writing is "telling it like it is" without the fluff; unedited, pure, raw, natural, and organic, like milk straight from the cow unpasteurized!  Bonnie's Bio

The below teachings are for those seeking TRUTH. Truth is an act of love. Truth(love) sometimes hurts but beyond that is reward! Truth is Freedom. Some of the teachings may not make sense to you in your lower level, understanding comes with growth. Start at "Begin Here".

Free Teachings: Non-Members (pre-school)